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Ashfaq Ahmed Madaki: Mr Ashfaq Ahmed Madaki is editor in chief for this portal.

Mr Ashfaq Ahmed Madaki is involved in many Social & Political activities for betterment of Humanity since from last few years.In 2013 started a NGO, Armughan Education & Social Welfare Society & under this banner many Social & Educational Program had been conducted.In 2015 a NGO “Vision Foundation” has been formed to work for upliftment of economically downtrodden people .

Under Vision Foundation a Riba free Co Op Society has been formed by name “Vision United Credit Sauhard Sahakari Niyamit”.Apart from this Vision Foundation is involved in many Social & Educational activities. Few months back Vision Foundation started “Vision Kapda Bank” to help & serve needy people by providing used & new clothes free of cost.

To serve people & to propagate Humanity now we are coming in Media field through our news Portal www.visionherald.com.