ashfaq February 19, 2018

Shivjayanti at Sahyadri Nagar Belgam was the mark of National Integration

Today Shiv Jayanti celebrated at Sahyadri Nagar, Belgaum by Chatrapati Shivaji Maharaj Sangha,Sahyadri Nagar,Belgaum where along with local residents Muslims were also present.

Along with Maratha leaders Swamy Chitraprakashanand of Aarsh Vidhya Aashram,Tilakwadi,Belgaum,Swamy Vinay Godse of Belgaum & Er Shakeel Makandar of Kolhapur, spoke on the occasion.

Swamy Chtraprakashanand ji praised the effort of Chatrapati Shivaji Maharaj Sangha for organising such a wonderful program which gives the message of brotherhood & integrity.For better future of our country we need to keep healthy & cordial relationship with each & every communities.

Er Shakeel Makandar briefly explain about the relationship between Shivaji Maharaj & Muslims.Around 35% of Shivaji Maharaj’s soldiers were Muslims.The relationship of Shivaji Maharaj ji with Muslims were very healthy & cordial & his Guruji was also from Muslim community.

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